struct Reflect(X)



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Class Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from struct Struct

==(other : self) : Bool ==, hash : Int32 hash, inspect(io : IO) : Nil inspect, to_s(io) to_s

Instance methods inherited from struct Value

! !, ==(other) ==, nil? nil?

Instance methods inherited from class Object

! !, !=(other) !=, !~(other) !~, ==(other) ==, ===(other) ===, =~(other) =~, class class, clone clone, crystal_type_id crystal_type_id, dup dup, hash hash, inspect
inspect(io : IO)
, itself itself, not_nil! not_nil!, tap(&block) tap, to_json to_json, to_pretty_json(io : IO)
, to_s
to_s(io : IO)
, to_yaml(io : IO)
, try(&block) try

Class methods inherited from class Object

==(other : Class) ==, ===(other) ===, cast(other) : self cast, from_json(string_or_io) from_json, from_yaml(string : String) from_yaml, hash hash, inspect(io) inspect, name : String name, to_s(io) to_s

Class Method Detail

def self.first #

Note: This type might be removed.

For now it's just a way to implement Enumerable#sum in a way that the initial value given to it has the type of the first type in the union, if the type is a union.

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